Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

San Ignacio de Loyola Corporation's Institutional Pillars

  • Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial spirit is our constant source of inspiration and one of the distinctive aspects of our students education. We cultivate an entrepreneurial culture built on a solid ethical and moral foundation that fosters innovation, leadership, competitiveness and value creation  in order to prepare students to identify and take advantage of business opportunities

  • Social Responsibility

We are committed to contributing to social development and improvement in the quality of life of people with low incomes. Putting solidarity into practice, our corporation carries out activities geared toward sustainable development; therefor instills awareness and sensitivity in our young people regarding their responsibilities as citizens, with the goal of overcoming inequality, fighting extreme poverty and fostering inclusion.

  • Globalization

Our global vision enables our students to perform effectively and efficiently worldwide. More than a hundred strategic alliances with academic institutions throughout the world, corporate presence in different countries, and the fact that we are a bilingual institution enables our organization to offer education with a global perspective and the highest international standards.

  • Research and Development

We contribute to inclusive, sustainable national development by providing education that prioritizes research and technological innovation in different fields of knowledge and their transfer to society. In every country in which we operate, we foster thorough knowledge of local characteristics, a sense of belonging, pride in one’s culture, and efficient resource management. In this manner, we shape citizens who are committed to local development and have a broad perspective and understanding of the national context.


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