5 Week Workshops

5 Week Workshops

Five Continents – Five-week Culinary Arts Course

In this course, you will meet people who share your passion for culinary arts, and together you will learn to prepare recipes from different cultures. At San Ignacio University, we will help you to enhance your talent for cooking with new ideas and techniques.

Learning to prepare the typical dishes of a country or region draws us closer to its culture, its history and its traditions through the senses of taste, smell and even touch. 

Come travel the world with us on a flavorful journey filled with surprises.


In Africa, food is not so much a matter of satisfying a physiological need as a reason to get together, celebrate or pay tribute to someone. South African cuisine, which features Cape Dutch, Indian and Moroccan influences, is known for its bold flavors and use of spices such as nutmeg, pepper and chilies.


In the Americas, there is a great variety of traditions and typical dishes distinguished by cultural elements of each region. From North America to South America, we will prepare traditional recipes and some new ones inspired by traditional techniques and ingredients.


One of the characteristics of European cuisine is the fact that a dish may be prepared different ways, depending on the country and region where it is prepared. The variety of this cuisine increased in the colonial era with the introduction of new ingredients, enriching the cuisines of conquered peoples as well.


Asian cuisine is known for its colors, aromas, freshness and millenary traditions. Within the diversity of different regions, there are common elements that distinguish it. In addition, many flavor-enhancing spices are used, as well as basic cooking methods such as stir-frying and steaming, which preserve the colors of foods. We will prepare dishes inspired by Asian recipes, using classic ingredients from the continent.


Oceanic cuisine is young, fresh and relatively new in the world of gastronomy. It features the influence of British and Irish colonists, as well as that of Asian and Mediterranean immigrants. Main dishes consist of meat and vegetables. Experiment with new dishes and different ingredients, and discover what makes this cuisine flavorful and innovative.

Baking and Pastry

Allow us to take you through flour and sugar to a world of baking and decoration. You will acquire basic baking and pastry knowledge and skills in just five weeks, focusing on a different specialty each week.

Pastry Dough

In this workshop, participants learn the traditional methods required to prepare choux dough, bizcocho and shortcrust pastry. In addition, you will learn the applications of each type of dough.

Traditional Custards

This course emphasizes all the techniques required to prepare custards and cheesecakes, as well as to decorate plates.

French Pastry and Confections

This part of the course is designed to provide students with basic tools for preparing typical French pastries, as well as traditional and contemporary confections.

Chocolate and Petit Fours

Discover the art of making petit fours, tempered chocolate, molded chocolate and chocolates with different kinds of filling.

Artisan Bread

During this week, we will demonstrate the skills and techniques required to prepare artisan bread, including sweet bread and sourdough bread, whose flavor develops through the fermentation process.

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5 Week Workshops

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