In today's working world, it is very easy to feel frustrated in the pursuit of the perfect opportunity. Follow these 3 tips to keep you on track.

With classes, work or social life, comes a huge load of stress. Learn to fight it!

Some people prefer the classics: reading, underlining, taking notes. But scientists have found there are some rather unexpected study techniques that seem to be more effective. Let’s begin:

We have all felt nervous while taking a test, at least once, especially if we are not sure how to answer. Let us help you give the best answer possible with these tips:

Choosing what to major in is one of the most exciting stages of student life. Mind you, making a decision as important as that one is not easy, but here in San Ignacio University, we’re committed to helping you find your path.

Many students are overpowered by doubt at some point, and begin to wonder if they, in fact, chose the right academic program. Questions like “Should I be studying something else?” are more common than one might think. 

Are you shy? Do you have a difficult time relating to others? Confidence is something that must be built, and the secret is on how you do it.

According to new Electoral College projections, millennial voters could be a turning point in the upcoming United States presidential elections.

There’s no one better than these geniuses to share some pieces of advice with the students of San Ignacio University. Are you ready to fly?

Student life is one of the best experiences you can have, and at San Ignacio University we’ll help you live it to the fullest.

It's an honor for the family of San Ignacio University to acknowledge and celebrate the personal achievements of each of our students.

The event was organized in conjunction with the second meeting of USIL’s International Advisory Committee, which is made up of outstanding global leaders from different fields of knowledge;

When you’re a student, you may find it difficult to deal with the huge load of activities at hand. So, needless to say, learning to become a master at multitasking, that is, being able to successfully do several things at once, is a very important skill to acquire.

We have a new course for all of you. With our Basic Fondant Intensive Course you will master the techniques of making your own decorated cakes.

The team of Chefs at San Ignacio University is ready to guide you through the French technique to make the famous Macarons, during a 4 hour workshop next Friday, October 14th

The community of San Ignacio University announces that all academic activities are suspended for this afternoon and all Thursday and Friday. Stay alert through our digital channels for any update.

Hurricane Matthew is coming towards Florida and it will affect the city of Miami. Experience shows that the best protection method is prevention, which is why we need to be ready for any eventuality.

Choosing the right moment to study is important, that is why we have 8 basic rules to help you study at home.

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