Brand San Ignacio de Loyola will be franchised for K-12 schools

The comming years are extremely important for the growth plans of the educational group led by Mr. Raul Diez Canseco. San Ignacio de Loyola brand will start franchising, not in the form of college or university as we know in Peru, but as a K-12 school. Mr. Diez Canseco informed that they have been using the brand for the past 20 years in Paraguay.

"We already have people interested in Colombia, Bolivia (Cochabamba), and Panama," explained in dialogue with Gestion newspaper.

But it will not be San Ignacio de Loyola K-12 the only franchise to sell, but also Coloring Dreams, an early learning centers, directed by Mrs. Luciana de la Fuente, Vice President of San Ignacio de Loyola Corporation.

Coloring Dreams was launched in Miami this year, but will open an office in Surco to start operating in 2015. "The concept of Coloring Dreams, since its begining, was thought as a franchise. The Company's headquarter is in USA and we believe that this will allow to sell it faster", he added


The businessman said that in January San Ignacio de Loyola stop being a college in the United States to move to be licensed university. "Now we can dictate masters and doctorate".

The university is located in Miami and was founded six years ago. US $ 8 million was invested. "The university has had to subsidize early, because the barrier to entry is very strong. The investment is recovered in 10 years. Is a solid long term investment, but gives you a lot of international and image strength, "added dialogue with management.

Diez Canseco said that for two years his educational group executes its plans to invest US $ 55 million, which was financed with a loan from the IDB and the BCP.

On the future of the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, this has a campus of 30 thousand square meters in La Molina, but added that is already under construction headquarters laboratories in an area of 40,000 squares Pachacamac. The first stage is finished in March. He added that next year the new sports career, good health and psychology starts. The new career required the construction of a new building on the current campus.

The University Act from their perspective

Raul Diez Canseco said the University Act has chapters to correct, improve and clarify. This, he added, is a task that must be done by regulation. Among the observations made by the employer is that the rule only admits 50% of a race can be virtual path. "With that they are condemning the abandonment of the peoples away from Peru. The technology will not be able to take advantage”.

He even admitted that the new law may deter investment in the sector. He added that the provision precludes that students with better averages can advance courses in the summer, so they can finish the race in the shortest possible time.

Source: Journal Management, Page 12, Business Section, 01-12-2014


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