Life is like a game!

There are a few things we can learn from sports and put to practice in our daily life

Sports like baseball, football, or basketball, for many of you might be just that, sports; but there is something about them that applies to the everyday life of any person. There are skills and habits that we can apply to improve our game, the game of life. There are also a couple of things that we can learn from top athletes to boost our student life.

Loving the process

We are not fully aware of time until it has passed, and that’s one of the things we regret the most; not having enjoyed the ride to the fullest. To reach your goals, you must focus on the process, not think about the result.

For a pitcher, each pitch is the pitch. Not the last pitch, or the next batter, or the score board. It’s this pitch. Learn to live seizing the moment.

Letting go and see life as a sport

For writer Jonathan Fader, life "is just a game". That applies to all the things we do on a daily basis. It’s just a game, nothing more. Sometimes the score might be against us, but you have to know how to let go and enjoy the game.


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