Millennials can make a difference in the upcoming elections

Young voters will have an important role

According to new Electoral College projections, millennial voters could be a turning point in the upcoming United States presidential elections.

Projections show Democrat Hillary Clinton with an overwhelming advantage over Donald Trump among Millennial voters. 270 Electoral votes are required to win the presidency, and Clinton would have 504 over Trump’s 23 among young people.

According to SurveyMonkey, Clinton is up 24% among Millennials but only 4% among all voters. Traditionally, older people, as a group, tend to vote in greater numbers than younger people, that’s why the pre-election polls can’t guarantee the final result on the Election Day.

The elections will be held next Tuesday November 8, and Millennials will play a key role. Each day, more and more young people are interested in politics and choosing their leaders.


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Map: SurveyMonkey


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