Modernist Plating & Technique Workshop with Chef Rich Rosendale

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Rich Rosendale is one of the top chefs in the United States, and he is one of only 67 Certified Master Chef’s in the country. San Ignacio University is proud to welcome him next July 28th and 29th for an incredible course.

Does food presentation matter? Absolutely! Chef Rosendale wants you to learn how to plate your food and break every rule. He will also guide you through the techniques you need in order to add mind-blowing textures and flavors for a visual impact.

We take care of providing you with a wholesome academic experience to prepare you for a successful and promising future. In San Ignacio University we are committed to all the techniques and tools that will help our students to stand out in the job market, that’s why our workshops are meant to give you that extra push you need to master the Culinary Arts while having fun cultivating your passion.


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