Over 30 students attended our Job Fair

Thanks to all attendees and employers for their contribution to this event

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting a Job Fair, where our students and people from around the community could try their hand at a casting and apply for different jobs. CareerSource South Florida sponsored the event and worked hand in hand with the employers who participated.

There was a casting was for all actors, extras, production and photography assistants that were looking for an opportunity within the film industry. There were also job offers in the fields of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Business Administration, all in all, more than 500 jobs opportunities were available. Moreover, we were honored to have employers such as Jaguar Restaurant, Conrad Hotel and Primerica at our fair.

Over 30 students, and over 50 people from the community attended, and we’d like to thank all of them, as well as the employers present, for making this possible. Hope to see all of you again very soon!


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