We make your dreams come true

Our students talked about their experience in San Ignacio College

We had the privilege to host the Studies Opportunities and Professional Development for Immigrants Event at San Ignacio College. Our students shared their experiences, and how they got to our house to make their dreams come true.

Taking the decision to emigrate and pursue a better future has never been an easy choice to make. Our Venezuelan and Brazilian students spoke about how they decided to take the leap and how they got to San Ignacio College.

We are committed to helping every single one of our students, that’swhy we offer scholarships from $4,120 to $32,000, for those who qualify, so there’s nothing stopping you from growing professionally.

Thank you for trusting us. We hope you always see an unconditional helping hand in San Ignacio College. Remember nothing is impossible if you have your mind set on fulfilling your dreams.



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